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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bawak Diri

I feel so down right now. It really hurts. I just found solution on how I'm gonna to release my tension. I NEED TO DRIVE ALONE. And my tears will automatically come out. Plus, this friday I'm gonna do something that will release the tension too. Can't wait for it.

I think I need to stop from get into someone's life. I have no right on him.

Kalau boleh teringin nak fly, to overseas maybe. Nak main salji. That will be my great present ever for my birthday *dreaming.

But this year rasa, macam takde sape2 kot will celebrate with me.

Not sure nak balik Selangor atau tak. My kids need me.

p/s: No wonder I feel something all this while.
p/s/s: He will not read my blog anymore
p/s/s: Bertepuk sebelah tangan je la aku ni